5 tips for designing a billboard

Billboard advertising is a very effective marketing tool for a company. It can help to promote a company’s brand to lots of people. When you place a billboard on a highway, all the motorists and those going by cars and buses watch it. There are some rules for creating billboard ads which you must keep in mind.

Make it simple

You should know that a motorist or anyone going by the road gets about 5 to 6 seconds to look at your ad. So, you need to make it simple and short. Your message should be simple so that it’s easy to read within a short period of time.

Make it big

The bigger your billboard, the better it is. Though it can be very expensive to create such a billboard, it’s worth the cost. People going by the road will be able to look at your ad from a great distance. So, your ad will get more exposure.

Tell a story

Stories are more effective than words as people remember stories. So, try to create a story about your brand so that people remember your brand when they visit a store.

Use color and contrast

Your billboard ad must be attractive. Make sure you use bright colors and bold writings. You should use fonts that are easy to read.

Use large logo

Make your logo large on the billboard. People should be able to remember your logo. So, even if they don’t get the time to read what’s there on the billboard, they will be able to recall your logo at least.

You should hire a marketing agency to design your billboard ad. They are the experts and they can help you create a budget and design for your billboard ad.